Board members

Nerida Bradley
General Manager
Queensland Trust for Nature

Nerida joined QTFN in June 2016 after more than a decade in Darwin working as a lawyer and strategic advisor in a range of Northern Territory Government Agencies.  She has joined QTFN hoping to align her professional expertise with her passion for growing community and corporate appreciation of the value of sustainable living and management practices through engagement in land and natural resource conservation.

Paul Elton
Executive Director and Chief Executive
NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust

Paul has worked across numerous sectors. Throughout his career, Paul has had a significant focus on environmental protection and biodiversity conservation, including climate change policy, and the intersection of environmental policy with policy and programs in areas such as energy, resources, forestry, water management, infrastructure, land use planning and development assessment.

Paul Elton was appointed Executive Director of the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust, in July 2017,

James Fitzsimons
Director of Conservation
The Nature Conservancy – Australia Program

James oversees the organisation’s conservation planning, science and policy functions for that country. This includes the vast tropical savannas of northern Australia, the central deserts, the Great Western Woodlands (the world’s largest temperate woodland) and emerging marine and freshwater programs. Prior to joining The Nature Conservancy he was a senior project officer with the Victorian Environmental Assessment Council developing recommendations for public land use along Australia’s largest river, the Murray. His PhD research focused on the ecological, social, governance and legal aspects of multi-tenure reserve networks – networks which sought to integrate the management of public and private conservation lands. He is the author of numerous papers on practical conservation planning, protected area and land use policy and legislation and wildlife ecology.

Brendan Foran (ALCA Chair 2018)
Chief Executive Officer
Greening Australia

Since joining Greening Australia as CEO in 2011, Brendan has led an organisation wide governance and strategy reform program that has led to greater levels of impact, efficiency and resilience. He believes that not-for-profit organisations are born out of a need for change and must regularly evaluate themselves to stay focused, relevant and aligned with their internal and external stakeholders.

Brendan is motivated by the fact that Greening Australia’s 150 staff, in 30 locations around the country, think bigger than the environment and have a clear vision for healthy and productive landscapes where both people and nature thrive.

Before joining Greening Australia, Brendan was the Corporate Affairs Manager – Eastern States for Alcoa of Australia. Brendan holds an MBA and an Advanced Diploma in Business Management from the University of Ballarat.

Brendan has extensive experience in business management and strategy development, with strengths in government relations and liaison, community and stakeholder relations and organisational transformation. He was a 2011 Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange participant in Iceland and a 2016 Harvard Club of Australia non-profit fellow.

Jody Gunn
Executive Manager, South East
Bush Heritage Australia

James Hattam
Chief Executive Officer
Tasmanian Land Conservancy

Hugo Hopton
Chief Executive Officer
Nature Foundation SA

Before joining Nature Foundation SA in February 2016, Hugo’s most recent role was Regional Manager at Natural Resources SAMDB based in Murray Bridge where he led delivery of the programs of both the SA Murray-Darling Basin NRM Board and DEWNR for the community and government. After completing a Bachelor of Science (Forestry) at the Australian National University, Hugo began his career as a forester in the South East and Fleurieu Peninsula, moving on to work as the manager for State Flora and revegetation program manager within Primary Industries SA. Throughout his career he has worked with and for communities and industries in land conservation, primary production, native vegetation management and water management. Hugo also has strong relationships with government departments within South Australia and the Commonwealth, and with local government and the NGO sector.

Tim Hughes
Chief Executive Officer
South Endeavour Trust

Doug Humann
Landcare Australia

Victoria Marles
Chief Executive Officer
Trust for Nature (Victoria)

Victoria has an impressive record of service to the community through high profile leadership roles in the public and not-for profit sector. A solicitor by training, for the last four years Victoria has held the office of the inaugural Legal Services Commissioner — a regulatory role she established and shaped. Prior to this she was the Deputy Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman. She has over ten years’ experience as a Member of VCAT and the Guardianship and Administration List, and has also worked as a law lecturer, commercial solicitor and secondary teacher.